We bring the Zen approach to homes and public spaces in Calgary. Our goal is to enhance our clients' quality of life and contribute to the well being of our communities. Our services offer a factual means to help alleviate stress and anxiety. We deeply value the classic elegance of Japanese style gardening and the serenity of Zen dry landscaping, and their benefits.

Japanese Zen Style Gardening and Landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping for a Restorative Garden


Ishidoro Zen Gardens Inc. specializes in designing, building and maintaining Japanese and Zen style gardens and landscapes, a niche that requires a deep understanding of both the Japanese culture and the Zen philosophy.


You are unique, and so are the needs of your gardens. We offer personalized consultation to fully understand your vision and preferences, ensuring that your garden is a true reflection of your personal style and must-have requirements.


You are not just getting a beautifully crafted, timeless and priceless garden or landscape. As a matter of fact, you are getting a very private space that promotes your mindfulness, relaxation, and a deep connection with nature.


We consciously follow sustainable practices and use locally sourced materials. This ensures that your garden is truly environmentally friendly, and also supports local businesses while reduces the project's carbon footprint.


Being Calgarian means that Ishidoro Zen Gardens Inc. understands the local climate and plant species, which is paramount for the very successful implementation and maintenance of Japanese and Zen style landscapes and gardens.


By hiring us, indeed you are making an investment in quality, sustainability, and peace of mind. And also, you get a beautiful, personalized, and sustainable garden that promotes your well-being while supports the local economy.

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Knowledge and Experience

Skilled in three business sectors: construction, landscaping, and property management.

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Whether they are simple hand tools or fancy power tools, in conformance to specifications.

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By following only the highest standards of practice that foster trust, respect and accountability.

Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes
Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes
Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes

Grow Property Value

Your real estate property will increase its value not just by planting flowers or mowing the lawns. Japanese style gardening, trimming, hedging, pruning, planting, gravelling, ponding, etc. adds even more value to your home or business.

Have Your Say

Your ideas and preferences will shape a garden that is visually stunning and personal. Japanese Zen style landscaping is more than just gardening – it is indeed a very powerful and liberating blend of art and self awareness.

Lower Your Risks

Incorporate Zen in a way that honors its origins, and adapts its principles to meet your needs and preferences. Create a garden that is sustainably recognized as traditional Japanese style, but with a strong sense of modern Calgarian.

Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes
Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes
Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes

Make Your Choices

Spoiler alert: you can choose from the meticulously raked sand of dry gardens (or Karesansui), the peaceful allure of hill gardens (or Tsukiyama), to the spiritual simplicity of tea gardens (or Rojiniwa).

Let's Do Our Magic

At Ishidoro Zen Gardens Inc., we do not intend to replicate existing gardens in Japan or abroad. Instead, we purposefully aim at borrowing the local scenery in Calgary to astonish our valued clients.

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Ask us about our Loyalty Program and our Referral Program. Or learn about our original ideas for a Public Japanese Garden in our vibrant city. Please visit our Blog: Zen Landscaping in Calgary.

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Traditionally, Japanese style landscaping integrates natural elements like water, sand, gravel, stones, hills, bridges, streams, fish, paths, stone lanterns, moss, ponds, statues, gates, basins, trees, bamboo, and fences to create tranquil beauty. This style can transform even small spaces, from a tiny yard or balcony to an office box or window box. There are no rigid rules: You're free to unite components in a gradual, evolving process that makes Japanese inspired landscaping achievable for all, regardless of race, gender, income, or other circumstances.

The stark minimalism of Zen dry gardens stands in contrast to the lush greenery of stroll gardens. Zen gardens adhere to principles of austerity, simplicity, naturalness, asymmetry, subtlety, magic, and stillness. Japanese gardens embody asymmetry, enclosure, borrowed scenery, balance, and symbolism. With an appreciation for Japanese aesthetics and respect for Zen tenets, we transform mundane spaces into refined, harmonious landscapes evoking nature's equilibrium. Our designs infuse any garden with simplicity, elegance, tranquility, and natural splendor.

You have the freedom to explore and experiment with your landscaping. For your next contract, we can start small by incorporating a 'tsuboniwa' or 3.3 square meter garden. After that, we can expand with additions like a 'karesansui' or dry rock garden, maples, or cherry trees. As a modern landscaping company, Ishidoro Zen Gardens Inc. can transform your home into a magnificent landscape on a budget, creating a peaceful environment along the journey. For more inspiration, please visit our exclusive Image Gallery.

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