We bring the Zen approach to homes and public spaces in Calgary. Our goal is to enhance our clients' quality of life and contribute to the well being of our communities. Our services offer a factual means to help alleviate stress and anxiety. We deeply value the classic elegance of Japanese style gardening and the serenity of Zen dry landscaping, and their benefits.

Japanese Zen Style Landscaping Services

Options for Healthy, Beautiful and Functional Spaces


We'll design the blueprints for your gardens and landscapes per your specific instructions. Next, we'll handle all aspects, starting from the initial site preparation to the finishing touches. Rest assured that we will procure quality materials and plants, guaranteeing that your gardens will be stunning.


We'll build your gardens and landscapes according to your approved plans and designated budget. This may involve incorporating patios, walkways, and other elements. Our goal is to skillfully integrate aesthetics into our landscape construction services, resulting in functional and friendly spaces.


We'll take care of your gardens or landscapes, improving their visual appeal and boosting their worth. Whether it is a Japanese style garden or a Zen dry garden, we have the expertise and dedication required to ensure that your priceless gardens thrive effortlessly, while minimizing costs.

Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes
Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes
Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes

Pruning & Shaping

Enhance the beauty of your landscape with our expert pruning and shaping services. Whether it is a tree, plant, or shrub, our skilled team will meticulously trim and shape them to perfection. With our competitive rate of $100 hourly, you can expect exceptional results. Please note that we require a minimum of 3 hours per session to ensure thoroughness.

Garden Clean Up

Say goodbye to the mess and transform your garden into a pristine oasis with our comprehensive services. Our skilled team will efficiently remove all garden weeds, debris, and junk, ensuring a clutter-free and immaculate space for you to enjoy. With a minimum of 3 hours per session, our affordable rate of $150 hourly guarantees exceptional value for your investment.

Season Maintenance

Take care of your landscapes, including planting, pruning, shaping, and garden clean-up. With our expertise, we guarantee exceptional results that will leave your garden looking gorgeous all year round. Our services are priced at an affordable rate of $200 hourly, with a minimum of 3 hours per visit. Take this opportunity to elevate the beauty of your gardens.

Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes
Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes
Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes

Project Consulting

Creating a Japanese Zen style garden can be a complex task, but you can be positive that our team will assist you through the entire process. We will offer direct supervision, comprehensive reports, and valuable suggestions whenever necessary. Our goal is to work closely with you to design a garden that genuinely embodies your unique style and preferences.

Yearly Maintenance

From sourcing the right people for the job to installing sprinkler systems, fertilizing trees, plants, and shrubs, and effectively removing and controlling weeds, so that your garden will thrive like never before. Our services are priced at approximately $100 hourly, with a minimum of 3 hours per session. Trust us to reveal the true beauty of your gardens.

Legal Disclaimer

Customers can choose to either hire a local junk removal company themselves or let Ishidoro Zen Gardens Inc. handle all arrangements, including hiring a junk removal company. Additional charges apply in both cases. The Contractor has the discretion to make decisions and select from various options, always prioritizing the best interests of all parties.

Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes
Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes
Japanese Zen Style Gardens and Landscapes

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Give Us the Opportunity to Help You

Our job at Ishidoro Zen Gardens is to provide authentic and affordable Japanese style garden design and maintenance services to Calgary residents, while attracting new customers, increasing brand awareness, and generating positive referrals. Whether you are a working professional, a retiree, or a stay-at-home parent, you can always find time to indulge in your passion for Japanese style landscaping.

In prior years, both the news and the media have consistently reported that a typical household with a lawn consumes in excess of ten thousand gallons of water per year (a phenomenon known as "the hidden water waste in lawn maintenance"). More interestingly is the fact that in dry climates like Calgary, especially during the hot summer months, many homeowners water their lawns more than necessary in an effort to maintaining their "green" appearance.

Given that a dry garden is a landscape that is specifically created with drought tolerant plants that can survive with little to no irrigation, they are the perfect solution to "the water footprint of lawns in North America". Therefore, it is only rational to note that the adoption of dry gardens is nothing but one smart step towards a more sustainable future.

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